About Us

Wakaya Perfection was co-founded by David Gilmour and David Roth. Gilmour is a globally-renowned serial entrepreneur who also founded Barrick Gold and FIJI Water. Roth has extensive executive experience in the public, commercial, non-profit and NGO sectors and is a regular commentator on issues of global public policy, education and entrepreneurship.

Wakaya Perfection is a mission-driven wellness enterprise that began on Wakaya Island David Gilmour's 2,200-acre private paradise in the Fiji archipelago.

It was there that his team discovered that essential root products grow best in volcanic, nutrient-rich soil, which nourishes our proprietary root stock to produce the highest quality powders on earth. Our crops are hand planted and hand harvested using all organic methods, and they are irrigated solely with naturally falling rainwater — the same pure rainwater that ends up in FIJI Water bottles!

The Wakaya Perfection collection, which began solely with ginger and turmeric grown on Wakaya Island, has now expanded to a host of other products, all with essential health and wellness benefits.

The Fiji Islands are some of the most remote on earth, and, as a result, enjoy one of the most pristine ecosystems on earth.

Because Gilmour and Roth have over 60 years of combined experience living and working in Fiji, beginning Wakaya Perfection there made perfect sense.

Our products are sustainably cultivated, beautifully packaged, and provide a perfect way to feel better naturally. There is no place like our Fijian farm, and no other ingredients or collection of organic wellness products like the ones from Wakaya Perfection.

Gilmour's and Roth's passion for innovation has since led the Wakaya Perfection team to find additional dynamic locations to grow our volcanic, single-origin wellness products, including Tonga, Nicaragua and Peru.


We never source our products from anywhere we don't own or know completely and always maintain the integrity of our products with full disclosure from seed to shelf. We never use fillers, binders or artificial ingredients — only 100% pure, all-natural, powerful ingredients as nature intended!