• Wakaya Perfection Organic Pink Fijian Ginger Powder


  • Proprietary and rare pink Fijian ginger

  • Does not grow anywhere else in the world but on Wakaya Island in Fiji

  • Certified organic and Kosher

  • No chemicals, no pesticides, no preservatives and no additives

  • Crops are nourished by natural equatorial Fijian rainfall

  • Hand-cultivated in Wakaya’s rich virgin volcanic soil to eliminate a mechanical footprint that could compromise the integrity of the crops

  • No machinery touches the ginger crops, only caring hands

  • Oven-dried at a regulated minimal temperature to ensure zero heat loss of the vital properties

  • Ground to a superfine, rich, golden powder

  • Approx. 30 servings total
    Made in Fiji

Tabletop Wellness Companion

Wakaya Perfection Organic Pink Fijian Ginger Powder

0.6 oz (17 g), a 30-day supply

Adorn your dining table and spice up your recipes with this perfectly tabletop sized jar of ginger! A healthier alternative to salt and pepper, ginger will add zest and depth to your meals, and it boasts countless wellness properties. The spice has been shown to aid digestion, reduce inflammation, stimulate metabolism, and more. Not to mention ginger’s delicious and complex flavor!

Our Uniquely Organic and certified Kosher ginger is so versatile you can enjoy its healing properties every day! Just add ¼ tsp to your favorite smoothie or a cup of hot water for a refreshing start to your day. Create a ginger marinade for meat and veggies, mix it in your salad dressing, and bake it in cookies and cakes. The possibilities are endless, so let your culinary imagination soar!


Certified USDA Organic Certified Kosher
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Wakaya Perfection Organic Pink Fijian Ginger Powder
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