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Our Story

Wakaya Island

The Source of Wakaya Perfection

Perfection takes time - in our case 7,000,000 years to create the world’s richest, purest organic soil.

Wakaya Perfection products are sustainably cultivated, beautifully packaged, and provide a perfect way to feel better and help prevent many illnesses and common discomforts (so many of which arise from inflammation in the body).

We offer 100% organic, pure products that help you get well, stay well, and be well, inside and out. Discover and incorporate these health jewels into your life: organic ginger, organic ginger capsules, organic turmeric, organic turmeric capsules, kosher sea salt, kava powder and nourishing dilo cream.

Wakaya Perfection – purity, proven performance and a perfect source unlike any other on earth.