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Being healthy entails so much more than brushing your teeth and staying on top of yearly check-ups. Real health is something you can feel all the time, when you get up in the morning until you fall asleep at night. It is a deep and satisfying sense of strength, unity, and vitality. We believe you should feel this way every day.

The Wakaya Perfection Collection offers 100% organic, pure and proprietary products that help you get well, stay well, and be well, inside and out. We use only the purest, freshest ingredients because we know that what you eat, drink, and apply to your skin matters and should contribute to the healthy lifestyle integral to your wellness.

Our Wakaya Perfection 100% organic and certified kosher pink Fijian ginger is a contemporary take on an ancient botanical. Ginger has been hailed for centuries for its healing, curative properties, as well as its potent and bold flavor. Our pink Fijian ginger is hand-harvested and cultivated on the island of Wakaya for its purity and rejuvenating properties. Versatile and delicious, it livens and improves main dishes, desserts, beverages, calming daily rituals and more while boasting 3% higher in Gingerol content, the active healing agent in ginger, than average ginger in-market. It makes a luxurious spa/apothecary essential, too!

Harmoniously hand-cultivated alongside our pink Fijian ginger is our 100% organic Fijian turmeric, which has been used for thousands of years in the Indian healing traditions of Ayurveda. Our unique turmeric boasts 5.96% of the active healing ingredient curcumin, in comparison to traditional turmeric that contains 0.92% of curcumin. Use it in beverages and recipes as a powerful anti-inflammatory, liver detoxifier and indigestion reliever.

Many people avoid salt as part of a healthy diet. Our certified Fijian kosher sea salt, carefully drawn from Wakaya's pristine waters, is truly good for you! Thanks to our all-natural desalination process, the salt retains essential minerals that boost electrolytes, maintain normal blood sugar levels and purify skin. Perfect for use in recipes, at the table or as a body scrub.

After your salt bath or herbal wrap, pamper your skin with 100% organic Dilo cream, derived from the sacred Dilo tree of Polynesia. Dilo oil is the only source for calophyllic acid, which has been shown to reduce inflammation, treat dry skin and acne, and promote the growth of healthy new skin cells. Your skin is precious, and we believe only the best, purest products should be allowed to grace it; Because you were born to glow.

At the end of a long day, relax and unwind with our special powdered Kava, an all-natural relaxant that tastes great when added to water or juice. Enjoy it with friends! Kava helps de-stress, aids with depression, treats insomnia, eases arthritis and inflammatory pain, and much more. Even better, when combined with our organic Pink Fijian ginger in our Kava-Gin powder, you have a powerful, valuable healing aid on your side.

However you use Wakaya Perfection in your life, get ready to experience true vitality. Get well, stay well, and be well today and every day thereafter.


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